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I believe in 2nd chance

I think it’s pretty easy for one to be judgmental towards another human being,
especially once that poor soul has done mistakes in the past.

The thought of having the power of God -
the sole power to judge, to put value on human being, to punish and reward others based on their deeds,
is simply irresistible.

Me myself – is not that perfect anyway.
and I would hate someone else trying to set a standard of living and imply it on me
especially if it comes from someone who is unnecessarily less better than I am.

I’ve made bad decisions. awful ones.
However, the decisions I made in the past, the wrong choices and pathways that I took,
did not define who I am today.
They did shape what I am becoming into, nonetheless. But keep this in mind,

they did not DEFINE who and what I am today.

So I think it is fair for me to say that I am a true believer of 2nd chance.
And if there is any foundation, institution, organizational system that does not share the same
belief as i do,
I have to say I am not a part of that very gathering.

I think this world needs more love than hatred.
If we close the door to those in need for our unconditional acceptance and love,

what will happen to humanity?

Acts speak louder than words.
Love is to accept, to nurture, to transform, and to give 2nd chance.

Freedom Keeper

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